Stain Garage Floor : Engineered Floor Trusses

Stain Garage Floor

stain garage floor

  • a repair shop where cars and trucks are serviced and repaired

  • keep or store in a garage; "we don't garage our car"

  • Put or keep (a motor vehicle) in a garage

  • an outbuilding (or part of a building) for housing automobiles

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stain garage floor - Rejuvenate Auto

Rejuvenate Auto Garage and Driveway Stain Remover Kit- Formerly known as Rejuvenate Stain Stealer

Rejuvenate Auto Garage and Driveway Stain Remover Kit- Formerly known as Rejuvenate Stain Stealer

Rejuvenate Auto Garage and Driveway Stain Remover Kit Originally called Rejuvenate Stain Stealer, now called Rejuvenate Auto Garage and Driveway Stain Remover, addresses traditionally tough and messy problem: driveways, backyard patios, garage and workshop floors, and similar surfaces subject to hydrocarbon, organic grease, and other oily, difficult-to-remove stains. This two-product kit includes a liquid stain remover and a dry powder to absorb and remove the liquid while applying additional scrubbing power to stains. The natural, water-soluble and eco-friendly products use a patented bio-enzymatic formula that uses environmentally safe microbes to literally eat away at stains. Effective on oil, gasoline, diesel, tar, grease, and tire marks, the Rejuvenate Stain Stealer kit contains an eight-ounce spray bottle of stain remover and a 16-ounce bottle of absorber. Removes: Oil Tar Transmission fluid Grease Fuel Tire Marks Features: Contains live microbes that literally eat away at the stain Meets US Federal storm water regulations No harsh damaging solvents Fragrance free (no toxic odors) Contains surfactants (surface acting agents) that are soluble in both organic solvents and water

83% (19)

Garage cabinets

Garage cabinets

This was my first time building real cabinets. I designed them as a custom fit for the space using other cabinet plans as a guide for the cases.

The doors and drawers are birch veneered plywood. I bought a few sheets that matched and lined them up to get the grain patterns to be consistent. The sheets had a beautiful "flame" pattern that I took advantage of. The top of the workbench is 1/4" hardboard screwed onto 1 1/2" pressboard. The top is rock solid, and I can replace the tops whenever they get too beat up.

For the cabinet and drawer handles I wanted something that was appropriate for a garage workshop. I ended up creating the cabinet handles from spikes - they look like giant nails. The drawer handles are hammerheads. I bought inexpensive hammers at Home Depot and cut off and mounted the heads. They look great and are very comfortable to use.

I also covered the exposed walls with peg board to provide plenty of room for hanging things.

garage vista

garage vista

In elementary school I was voted "most likely to be an absent minded professor." Solidly on track with that, I've taken to snapping a quick picture of where I park in the morning to avoid the otherwise inevitable wandering the garage, looking for my car later in the day.

A slightly more interesting shot, this was the view looking outside at the Fall colors.

stain garage floor

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