Laminate Floor Review - Wenge Hardwood Floors.

Laminate Floor Review

laminate floor review

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KR Doozy

KR Doozy

Typically, here on Flickr I show only personal shots, explorations and experiments, but not commercial work. (In the near future I'll create another Flickr site to display graphics, calligraphy, personal and job-related illustration, and some favorite photography done for clients, but no time yet to do that.) Here's an exception. It's a semi-impromptu series of shots I did yesterday for my day job, the non-profit org the International Myeloma Foundation. We've got a big fundraising gala coming up mid-Nov featuring entertainment from the Blues Brothers, host Ray Romano, Jeff Garlin, Robert Klein, and other famous comedians. There will also be an auction. One of the recently-acquired auction items is this custom-tweaked, alligator-skinned Duesenburg guitar autographed by Keith Richards. Because the development dept needed some promo shots pronto, on Wednesday when I wasn't in, the dev director put the Doozy on a file cabinet in a corner and shot it with her tiny, pocket-sized P&S. Yesterday she asked me to upload the photos from her P&S and see what I could do with them.

Ha! I chortled disdainfully, then volunteered to shoot it, since I had my 40D along, some lenses and 580EXII with me. Since dev dept was little anxious about manual oogling leaving fingerprints or the guitar falling to the floor or the skull knobs catching my cooties, I was allowed to have it out of its case and in my office for only a few minutes. I had time to shoot a wide shot and a few details, review photos via camera back, then -- whoooosh! -- off it went.

The office is NOT set up as a photo way, no how. I had to scrounge up a backdrop (the back side of a large laminated seminar poster that was hanging on the wall in the conference room), a bounce card (a used FedEx box torn open), and a way to get my sole flash closer to the ceiling (a couple boxes stacked on top of a filing cabinet). That was the basic strobist setup...and I do mean basic.

In spite of that, I think the shots turned out very acceptable. Alligator proved to be easily photogenic with lots of cool texture and no real hot-spot reflection problem, and I got lucky with the big reflective surfaces. The only retouching was a tiny bit to the background to remove a couple dirt spots and a long blond hair (not Keith's).

I wished I could have had couple more hours to zero in on some of the macro details and textures for my own photo pleasure, but no op for that yesterday.

If anyone is interested in bidding on this collector Doozy, get in touch with me and I'll tell you how. Or, if you'll be in Los Angeles on Nov 13th, want to see a great show at the Wilshire Ebell Theater and help a fabulous foundation, get in touch and I can tell you how to buy tickets.

strobist info: What can you do with one flash, 10 minutes, and an expensive guitar? For the full-body shot above, I had the 580EXII in front of and a bit to the left about 4 ft from the guitar, aimed to the ceiling. It was sitting on a filing cabinet plus a couple boxes which made it about 3 ft from the ceiling. I flattened a FedEx box and placed it on the ground in front of the guitar, angled up a bit, to kick some light into the main body. For the closer shots, I reduced output power and moved the 580 to the ground just to my left (I was on my knees), aimed it up and forward a little bit, and with my left hand held the FedEx box as a reflector over it. Whew!

I think product lighting experience, intuition and luck contributed to the success of these "run-what-ya-brung" shots. The speedy, accurate focus and sharpness of the Canon 60mm macro helped, too, altho for the wide shot I was literally backed up against the opposite wall to get the whole guitar in. Using a wireless flash trigger and using a handstrap on the 40D (and no neckstrap) made things easier, especially for the close shots. One lucky find that turned out WAY bitchin' was the plastic-laminated seamless backdrop. It was white enough that if I need to photoshop it out, that'll be easy. But the slightly-distorted reflections, especially in the neck-meets-body and the tuning head shots, are just perfect to my aesthetic sense.

Site Review 2007 12 17 037

Site Review 2007 12 17 037

Inexpensive laminate snap together flooring. I actually got this for $1 per square foot including padding from Lowe's Black Friday Sale

laminate floor review

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